Fall 2011 — issue 332

The Fall 2011 issues features Humor in Sculpture.


Humor in Sculpture

Humor in sculpture is a complex and changing theme.  This article is not intended to be comprehensive, but the start of a conversation. Featuring work by Picasso, Steve Worthington, Carl Milles, Tom Otterness, Fernando Botero, Akio Takamori and David Cerny.

Valerie Carruthers
Odd Couplings

These artists play with pairs of opposites, pairs of meanings, and unlikely pairs as they explore the cosmic play: Michael Bergt, Tom Durham, Adam Matano, Chris Riccardo.

Fran Severn
Bela Bacsi Contemporary Realism

Bela Bacsi uses humor as an invitation to engage his sculptures.  While some contemporary art can seem intimidating or esoteric to the viewer, Bacsi’s humor often suggests a kind of intimacy between himself and the viewer, like a private joke shared between friends, because he executes his work with a gentle hand and a wink and a smile that helps the viewer make a real personal connection to his sculpture.

Patricia Delahanty
Sculpture News

Work by Tuck Langland, Jay Hall Carpenter, Richard Becker, Lawrence Noble, Kent Ullberg, Walter Matia and Joseph Sheppard unveiled.