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Building Stone Supply, Design, Fabrication, Monuments, Installation, Inscriptions, Restoration and Conservation of Stone Monuments & Statuary

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The Fine Art Foundry

3D Enlargements, Miniatures, Scanning

Metal Finishes

Astoria, NY

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Long Island City, NY

Liquid Mold Rubbers and Casting Plastics

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A Center for the Visual Arts

Experience 19th & 20th century statuary works in Brooklyn, NY

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Caproni casts for anatomical study, reference & decoration

Monument & Building Restoration Supply

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Fine stoneworking tools

Books by Avard T. Fairbanks

Books, DVDs, Anatomical Casts, Tools, Seminars

Marble for sale

Clay, sculpting plastelines, modeling tools

All of Your Modeling and Sculpting Needs…

A broad range of sculpting supplies

Schools and Sculpture classes

Fabrication facility and classes in traditional stone carving techniques, clay modeling, digital modeling, and digital fabrication

Patination services and classes


Stonecarving Workshops

Books by Avard T. Fairbanks

Books, DVDs, Anatomical Casts, Tools, Seminars

Sculpture Program in Florence, Italy

Pawleys Island, SC

A broad range of sculpting supplies