Spring 2009 — issue 322

Beating the Economy from Coast to Coast


Wolfgang Mabry
Optimism in a Darkish Economy

Sculpture Review talked with a sampling of sculptors, foundries, galleries, and museums to see how the people in these interrelated industries are dealing with the changing economic realities.

Tracey Fugami
Sculptors and their Foundries

Examples of how casting facilities and sculptors are seeking additional sources of income as well as using innovative methods of savings. Mentions sculptors Tim Shinabarger, Leon Richman, Edward Trobec, and foundries Owings/Brown Studio, Decker Studios and Art Castings of Montana.

Todd Wikinson
Weathering the Downturn

For Ken Bunn, creativity flows regardless of economic conditions.

Anna Tahinci
Beating the Bad Economy

Sculptors Paul DiPasquale, Janice Mauro, and Jim Rennert talk about casting in China, business and artistic standpoint, and relationships with galleries and foundries.