Fall 2015 — issue 348

The Fall 2015 issue explores Cuban Sculpture.  Its articles feature Yoan Capote; The Merger – Mario Miguel Gonzalez, Niels Moleiro Luis and Alain Pino; highlights from five centuries of Cuban art; Carlos Garaicoa and Los Carpinteros.


Ann Landi
Three Cuban Sculptors

The trio of artists who make up the group known as The Merger – Mario Miguel Gonzalez, Niels Moleiro Luis, and Alain Pino – first met in Havana before they were even in their teens.  Now in their forties, they have been working together for six years, having made their debut at the 10th Havana Biennial in April 2009.

Jodie A. Shull
The Open Mind of Yoan Capote

Explores the life and work of Yoan Capote.

Wolfgang Mabry
Cuban Art: Highlights from Five Centuries

The first Havana Biennial in 1984 brought new attention to the artists of a small but creatively rich country.  With the Cuban Revolution came sanctions that virtually concealed the immense creativity of the Cuban arts community.  How did the artistic impulse not only survive but also thrive in a world of isolation imposed by geopolitical realities?

Wolfgang Mabry
Sin Embargo: Contemporary Cuban Sculpture

Sculptural thought and practice evolve constantly in Cuba… In the fifty-five years since the start of the embargo, indomitable spirit, creative energy, and contact with off-island influences have allowed Cuban sculptors to create works that are anything but insular in craftsmanship, inventiveness, aesthetics and contemporary relevance to a global audience.