Spring 2017 — issue 354

Zoo in Sculpture


Todd Wilkinson
Animal Sculptors and the Evolution of Zoos

Explores the transitions and changes that have occurred in the creation and evolution of zoological parks and the role of sculptors in their design. Features Dan Ostermiller’s The Bearing Wall; T.D. Kelsey’s Changin’ Camp; Kent Ullberg’s Reaching Elephant and others.

Wolfgang Mabry
Conservation By Sculpture

Animal Sculpture in the Zoos of New York City. The article includes an insert on Paul Manship’s Rainey Gates at the Bronx Zoo.

Sheryl Morang Holmberg
Gateway to the Wild

Albert Paley’s Animals Always at the Saint Louis Zoo

Elizabeth Helm
A Blessing of Animals

Explores two of National Sculpture Society’s 2017 programs: A Blessing of Animals exhibition at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine and the June 25th program at the Central Park Zoo.