Spring 2006 — issue 310

Education of a Sculptor


Jodie Shull
EvAngelos Frudakis

The life, honors and work of EvAngelos Frudakis

Sculptors Educating Sculptors

A Panel Discussion at the New York Academy – Excerpts from the discussion ‘Sculptors Educating Sculptors: Balancing Theory and Application in Figurative Sculpture,’ during which panelists Robert Taplin, Judy Fox, Harvey Citron, Anthony Visco and Cynthia Eardley and moderator Mark Mennin discussed ways to raise the bar in figurative sculpture education with an emphasis on some professional practice issues

Kim Carpenter
Teaching the Basics to Foster Mastery

A Survey of Figurative Sculpture Programs: New York Academy of Art (Harvey Citron, Cynthia Eardley); Florence Academy (Oliv Ziegler); University of California at Berkeley (Michelle Lopez); University of Oklahoma (Paul Moore)

staff writer
Lyme Academy College

A description of the fine art college with comments from Don Gale

Helen Barnett
Elisabeth Gordon Chandler

The life and work of Elisabeth Gordon Chandler and the founding of Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

Kyunghee Pyun
Great Expectations

The Legacy of Teaching at Two Art Schools in NYC – The histories of the Arts Students League and the National Academy School of Fine Arts. Mentions Nathaniel “Nat” Kaz, Anthony Antonios and Rhoda Sherbell