Summer 2006 — issue 311


A. D. Wagner
Understanding the Rearing Horse and Rider

Discusses the reasons why horses rear and how they are depicted in art, with examples of work by Herb Mignery, Edward Fraughton, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Frederick MacMonnies and Bernini.

Robin R. Salmon
Man and Horse

Man and horse in the work of Anna Hyatt Huntington

Ellen B. Cutler
Archetype and Allegory

Discusses the theme of horse and rider found in Marino Marini’s art

Rebecca Reynolds
An Unbridled Passion

The Expression of Man’s Relationship with the Horse. The article explores the horse statues created by Solon and Gutzon Borglum, Edward J. Fraughton, T.D. Kelsey, John S. Houser, Charlotte Dunwiddie, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Marilyn Newmark, A. Thomas Schomberg, Harry Jackson, Floyd DeWitt, and Berthold Nebel.

Sean Hemingway
Horse and Man in Greek Art

Examines the special place horses have in ancient Greek art and society