Winter 2006 — issue 313

Genocide Holocaust and War Memorials


Troy Lynn Yellow Wood
Trauma and Memory

The Importance of Imagery to Native Peoples.  Gordon Alt comments on the meaning of historical trauma to indigenous people and various stereotypes in public memorials. Carol Snyder Halberstadt discusses the terms “trauma and memory” and “collective memory”

Victoria Langland
Where the Past Seeks the Future

Sculpture, Memory and Never Again. The article discusses how the public, survivors, politicians and memories influence public monuments. Examples: The Harburg Monument Against Fascism by Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev-Gerz; The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe by Peter Eisenman; Shalechet (Fallen Leaves) by Menashe Kadishman; Torture Never Again by Demetrio Albuquerque; Tumbling Woman by Eric Fischl

Ilaria Cipriani
Sant’Anna: A Story of the Holocaust

Various visual testimonies of the events at Sant’Anna and the rest of Italy during World War II.

Elaine Alibrandi
An Gorta Mor: A Hunger for Expression

Brian Tolle’s An Gorta Mor (NYC); Glenna Goodacre’s Irish Memorial National Monument (Philadelphia) and Robert Shure’s Irish Famine Memorial Park (Boston)

James E. Young
Memorials and Meaning

Discusses the difference between memorials and monuments and various reactions to figurative memorials and how time and memory affect reactions to them.