Fall 2006 — issue 312

Breaking and Integrating Tradition


Carl Forsberg
Less is More

Discusses the work of Swedish sculptor Lars Widenfalk

Colette C. Hemingway
Henry Matisse: Formes D’Evolution

The life and work of Henry Matisse

Anna Tahinci
Breaking the Tradition

Early Paris Avant – Gardes from Figure to Abstraction – Nineteenth century naturalism was obsessed with the “reality of vision,” imitate life and nature, not just form. However, cubism and early twentieth century sculpture aspired to the artist’s mental experience of the world, to the “conception of vision.” With examples of Rodin, Constantin Brancusi, Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Lipchitz, and Pablo Picasso.

Kim Carpenter
From Canova to Casanova

A Survey of Changing Approaches in Figurative Sculpture – Highlights Antonio Canova (Neoclassicism), Medardo Rosso (Impressionism), Umberto Boccioni (Futurism), Alexander Archipenko (Modernism), Henry Moore (Modernism), Louise Bourgeois (Surrealism), Stanley Bleifeld (Contemporary), and Aldo Casanova (Contemporary) to show figurative sculpture’s visual evolution as it has moved from the realistic to the abstract and back again.