Summer 2008 — issue 319

Nudity in the Public Eye


Ellen B. Cutler
The Visible Nude: Artists and Foundries Speak About Public Sculpture

Sculptural ornament is the traditional remedy to the emptiness of plazas and park lands…Among the most common of motifs has been the nude figure.

Patricia Failing
Time And Duration: Louise Bourgeois’s Father And Son

Seattle, Washington’s first and only sculptures of nude males on public display made their debut in January 2007. Created by renowned nonagenarian Louise Bourgeois, the life-size, stainless steel and aluminum figures represent a father and his six-year-old son.

Anna Tahinci
Removing The Fig Leaf: Today’s Nudity In The American Public Eye

Whereas the depiction of the naked human body has inspired some of the finest sculptures since the Paleolithic period (Venus of Willendorf) and naked statues are widely accepted in most societies, they have also provoked some controversial reactions across the centuries.

Lynne D. Ambrosini
Eyeing The Sculptural Nude: A Short History Of Public Response In The Modern Era

Possibly there has been no field of art more bedeviled with public incomprehension than that of the modern sculptural nude, especially in America.