Fall 2008 — issue 320

Olympic Sculpture


Carol Snyder Halberstadt, Andy Kozar and Rebecca Barn
Embodying the Extraordinary

The work of R. Tait McKenzie, Nag Arnoldi, Robert Graham, Sergey Eylanbekov, and Edward Eyth are tributes to the five continents, the one globe, and the aspirations celebrated in both the ancient and modern Olympics.

Jim Caple
Lasting Impressions From The Beijing Olympics

Art and sculpture are often important parts of the cultural displays at each Olympics: The 1994 Games in Lillehammer, Norway, held a marvelous ice and snow sculpture contest featuring artists from around the world, while the opening ceremonies in Athens in 2004 included performers in white powder and paint to resemble Greek statues.

Colette C. Hemingway
In The Company Of The Discophoros

For over a thousand years, from 776 B.C. until A.D. 395, citizens came from all over the Greek world to view the festival and athletic competitions held in Olympia every four years.

William H. Peck
Ancient Athletics And Athletes

Many of the activities that can be described as “sport” in the ancient world were directly based in masculine behavior that had developed out of the early activities of defense and the chase.