Winter 2010 — issue 329

Sculpting in any Media


Sculpture Review
Sculpture News

Sculpture news  by various members of National Sculpture Society.

Wolfgang Mabry
New Materials, Ideas And Imperatives

The use of alternative materials in sculpture by various artists: Katherine Stanek, Loredo Taft, Jay Hall Carpenter, Allan & Patty Eckman, Christopher Smith, Scott Fife, Gwon Osang, and Bert Simons.

Tuck Langland
Pushing Materials

Ever since an unknown person, possibly a woman, fashioned the Willendorf Venus out of limestone, people have been making human images by carving stone and wood.  Soon after the first clay pots were made, clay fetish figures were shaped and fired. And ever since that now forgotten first metal smith conceived the idea of lost wax casting, sculptors have been casting figures in bronze.  And these three classifications of materials — carving, fired clay, and cast metals — have dominated …

Kim Carpenter
Glass As Medium. Providing New Ways To Convey The Human Experience

Glass. It’s a medium typically associated more with craft than art.  While its shapes and colors are compelling, we see glass works as functional objects such as vases, bowls, and chandeliers, rather than as sculptures in their own right.