Spring 2011 — issue 330

African-American Sculptors


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Sculpture news by members of National Sculpture Society.

Jodie A. Shull
Four African American Sculptors. A Vision For Today

A look at four contemporary African American sculptors working today: Sargent Johnson, Richard Blake, Ed Dwight and Ed Hamilton

Margaret Rose Vendryes
Young, Gifted And Black Between The Wars. Richmond Barthe’s Manhattan Years

Richmond Barthe was one of a handful of token African American students studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1924 through 1928. A decade later, he admitted that he was often singled out because of his race and not necessarily the quality of his work

Melanie Anne Herzog
Sculpting A Lineage. Elizabeth Catlett And African American Women Sculptors.

Elizabeth Catlett’s sculpture stands as a testament to a life dedicated to visibility, voice, and justice for marginalized people.  Bearing witness to the struggles, passions, and achievements of ordinary people, these figures, sculpted in wood, stone, marble, and clay; sometimes cast in bronze, are determined, resilient, regal, and celebratory.