Winter 2011 — issue 333

Motion in Sculpture


Editorial Staff
Emotions in Motion

Quotes from Richard MacDonald, Gwen Marcus, Stanley Bleifeld and Jack Zajack accompanied by images of their sculptures.

Gwen Pier
A New Museum Added to Our Nation’s Cultural Landscape

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Opens in Arkansas

Patricia Delahanty
Barbara Lekberg

Various items on the life and work of Barbara Lekberg including comments from Gordon J. Alt and Jonathan P. Harding

Ann Landi
Movement in Sculpture

Scenes from one site of the world’s oldest-known art – the 30,000-year-old paintings and incised images in the Chauvet Caves in southern France – still astonish us with the illusion of fluid and dynamic movement painters brought to their subjects using only charred sticks and simple pigments made of ground clays.