Summer 2011 — issue 331

The Summer 2011 features New Wood.  Explore sculpture that is in the medium of wood.


Kim Carpenter
Using Nature to Create the Figure

Wood As Organic Medium… This is why Sequoyah Aono, Stephen Layne, and Daisuke Kiyomia have chosen wood as one of their mediums.  Although widely divergent, their figurative sculptures serve as prime examples of the potential of wood to flesh out the figure, not by shaping the medium, but by allowing the medium to shape the sculpture.

Wolfgang Mabry
Giving Voice to Wood

Bruno Walpoth comes naturally to sculpture as his life’s work.

Editorial Staff
Sculpture News

Various exhibitions, dedications and unveilings of sculpture by members of National Sculpture Society.

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
John Edward Svenson

John Edward Svenson Fines Inspiration in the Life and Warmth of Wood